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UConn Today talks Ultra-thin Supercapacitors with Rusling Lab

UConn Today turns a spotlight on Islam Mosa’s research on ultra-thin supercapacitors. This is a first step towards building cardiac pacemakers which harness the patient’s own power. This research was a collaboration between Rusling lab (Islam, Dr. Karteek, Dr. Gregory Bishop, Dr. Jim), Kumar lab (Dr. Ajith Pattammattel, Dr. CV Kumar), and Basu lab (Dr. Paritosh Pande, Dr. Ashis Basu) from Uconn Chemistry, Dr. Marc Novak from UConn Molecular and Cell Biology, and Kaner lab (Dr. Maher F. El-Kady, Dr. Richard Kaner) from UCLA.

Innovative Device Could Offer New Hope for Heart Patients