Summary of Current Research

Patient biomarker levels for samples analyzed in the paper: Prostate Cancer Diagnosis in the Clinic with an 8-Protein Diagnostic Biomarker Panel, 2020

Abstracts from Recently Published Work

Microfluidic device for multiplexed protein detection in serum

  • Proteins biomarkers captured from serum using magnetic beads with 400,000 HRP labels for ultrasensitive oral cancer detection

microfluidic device oral cancer plots

ECL protein array with automated sample and reagent feed

  • Automated ECL light detection of 4 prostate cancer biomarker proteins in patient serum

ECL device ECL results

High-throughput arrays and LC-MS approaches for genotoxicity screening

  • UPLC-MS/MS sequencing for metabolite-related gene damage of TP53, a tumor suppressor gene, and cancer prediction


3D printed biosensor arrays

3Dprinted devices

SPR arrays for peanut allergy diagnostics

  • Peanut allergen antibody (IgE) detection in patient serum using SPRi

SPRi based peanut allergy diagnostics