3D Printing Designs

ELISA in a 3D Printed Pipette Tip for Accessible Medicine Diagnostics

Automated 3D Printed Array for Detection of a Small Protein Panel

Point of Care: 3D Printed Array for Multiple Protein Detection in Prostate Cancer: ACS Analytical Chemistry 2018

Kadimisetty, K; Malla, S.; Bhalerao, K.; Mosa, I.; Bhakta S.; Lee, N.;  Rusling, J. “Automated 3D- Printed Microfluidic Array for Rapid Nanomaterial-Enhanced Detection of Multiple Proteins.” Anal. Chem., 2018, 90: 7569-7577

Automated 3D Printed Array for ECL Based Genotoxicity: ACS Sensors 2017

Kadimisetty, K.; Malla, S.; and Rusling, J. “Automated 3-D Printed Arrays to Evaluate Genotoxic Chemistry: E-Cigarettes and Water Samples.” ACS sensors 2, 2017, 5: 670-678. 

Gravity Assist 3D Printed Array for ECL Protein Detection: Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2016

Kadimisetty, K.; Mosa, I.; Malla, S.; Satterwhite-Warden, J.; Kuhns, T.; Faria, R.; Lee, N.; Rusling, J. “3D-Printed Supercapacitor-Powered Electrochemiluminescent Protein Immunoarray.” Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2016, 77: 188-193. 


∗123dx design files which are modifiable 3D design files can be opened using 123D autodesk software and downloaded free of cost from: https://www.amazon.com/Autodesk-123D-Design-64-Bit-Download/dp/B01HE5O9IM

∗stl files are a universal 3D print format that can be opened using a printer specific format (e.g. Formlabs 3D printers is preform) Preform software can be downloaded free of cost from: https://formlabs.com/tools/preform/

∗svg files are for printing templates on our electrode surfaces using “Print and Peel Technology”. These files can be opened using Inkscape and downloaded free of cost from: https://inkscape.org/en/release/0.92.3/

∗dwg files are for electrode designs and can be opened using licensed Autodesk Autocad software