Chem 5395 Analytical Surface and Colloid Chemistry


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Tentative Schedule Chem 5395, Fall 2009

Lecture Topics from the Textbook – one per student:

Date Basic Topics Pages in text Presenter
M Aug 31, W Sept 2 Introduction, Microscopy, particle size Chapter 1 JR
Sept 4-11 No class, lecture prep timeProf. Xudong Yao will moderate student talks
M Sept 21 1. Sedimentation (and Diffusion??) 62-100 Naimesh
M Sept 23 3. Osmotic Pressure 105-119 Chi Tang
M Sept 28 5. Rheology and Viscosity 145-160 Dhanuka
M Oct 5 Surface tension Chapter 6 JR
W Oct 7 Adsorption from solution 297-343 JR
F Oct 9 Surfactant structures Chapter 8 JR
M Oct 12, W Oct 14  Surfactant structures; monolayer films  Chapter 8 JR
 F Oct 16 Light Scattering Chapter 5 JR
M Oct 19 XPS and Auger Spectra Skoog, Chapter 21* JR
W Oct 21 Atomic force Microscopy Skoog, Chapter 21* Prof. Bryan Huey
 F Oct 23 IR; reflectance spectra JR
M Oct 26 Layer-by layer thin films  Y. Lvov reviews JR
W Nov 4 Carbon nanotubes Handout review Prof.  Papadim